what we fund

Grants will be made to projects researching policy areas primarily concerned with the current or proposed powers of the Scottish Government. Core areas of policy research will be discussed and set by the Advisory Council and three core themes will be commissioned annually. 


core themes for 2017/18

Grant requests are now considered for policy research on the following areas: 

- Tax Regimes

- Education 

- Economy 





Co-funding and core funding

Successful projects will usually be allocated no more than 50% of their cost. The balance will need to be obtained from an independent source or from the applicant organisation itself. Grants are usually made in the range £10,000 to £30,000. Our grants do not cover overheads or core funding. 

Exclusions for funding

Please note that we do not respond to general charitable appeals. We do not accept applications to fund projects outside our three core themes for the year.

  • Funding will not be awarded to politically inclined bodies or to support politically inclined research.

  • Funding will not be awarded to projects with non legally charitable purposes.

  • Funding will not be used to inform the constitutional debate or work to support policies within the Westminster Government.

eligibility criteria

A proposal will be considered from you if:  

  • You are a registered charity or you conduct legally charitable work

  • Your work aims to deliver a benefit in Scotland

  • Your proposal revolves around the devolved powers to the Scottish Government

  • Your proposal specifically addresses one of the current funding areas for this year.

If you would like to discuss your eligibility further, or have questions on our current funding policy areas, please get in touch with us.