Publications & ongoing research

Papers that have been co-funded by the Foundation are published here, along with relevant reference material. In addition, full technical analysis of the economic model, and the assumptions used in the production of the model outputs referenced by any policy organisations using the model, are made available here. 

policy insights for scotland from small advanced economies

June 2018

David Skilling, an economic adviser to governments, firms, and financial institutions, has authored a paper called “Policy insights for Scotland from small advanced economies”, written for the independent think tank Reform Scotland and part-funded by the Scottish Policy Foundation. David Skilling researched other small economies, benchmarked Scotland against them and explored the issues such economies face today and in the future. In the paper he offers a view of the implications for Scotland of a range of policy decisions. Read it here


scotland's exports

April 2018

Boosting Scotland's export performance is crucial to delivering faster sustainable growth. Whilst our economy has many strengths, Scotland arguably lags behind many comparable nations both in terms of the value and diversity of its export base. With Brexit likely to impact upon current trade patterns, it is more important than ever to create a business environment that is conducive to greater internationalisation. This paper summarises Scotland's current export performance and uses our macro-economic model of the Scottish economy to illustrate the implications of a rise in exports.

Export to GDP ratios in select OECD countries.png

Download the full briefing paper here