The Scottish Policy Foundation is independent, apolitical, and concerned only with promoting good governance in Scotland. The following checks ensure the maintenance of integrity:

  1. Ethos. The ethos of the organisation is to promote diverse, well researched and honestly held policy ideas to inform the public debate.
  2. Local. Grants are only made to projects researching policy areas within the current or proposed vires of the Scottish Government. In particular, funding is not used to inform the constitutional debate, or to support policies within the UK Government. 
  3. Charitable status. SPF is a registered charity, subject to the regulation of the Scottish Charity Regulator. We are only able to fund organisations that are themselves charities, or that have charitable purposes.
  4. Competition. Where possible, grants are made to more than one organisation researching in the same area, with the objective of creating informed debate on that subject.
  5. External funding. In order to ensure there is broad interest in the project, grants cover no more than 50% of the cost of any single project.
  6. Trustees and Council. The Foundation is governed by a board of Trustees, who are responsible for ensuring adherence to its charitable objectives. The Trustees are supported by an Advisory Council, whose membership reflects a wide spectrum of opinions with an established interest in policy formulation. 
  7. Costs. The Foundation aims to act as a catalyst, minimising its own costs.