core theme policy area: economy



Scotland is a rich and prosperous nation.

We are ranked in the OECD top 20 in terms of income per head and appear near the top on many key indicators of long-term economic performance within the UK.

But is widely accepted that Scotland lags behind many of our international competitors in key areas, such as business growth, exports and productivity.

Closing these gaps will be crucial to not only creating greater national prosperity but in tackling inequality and delivering more inclusive growth.

an informed debate

There has been any number of strategies on how to best grow our economy. But there have been far fewer bold and innovative policy ideas to deliver practical change and improved outcomes.

New ideas are needed if Scotland is to respond to the challenges of Brexit, an ageing population and climate change. New ideas are also needed if Scotland is to take advantage of new opportunities from the unprecedented growth in technology, innovation and emerging international markets.

An informed debate on practical policy ideas will help ensure Scotland is best equipped for the future:

·       What transferable lessons can Scotland take from the success of other nations and regions?

·       How can the Scottish Parliament best use its newly expanded tax, public spending and social security powers to promote sustainable economic growth?

·       How might Scotland become a more innovative and internationally focussed economy? And what might the benefits and costs be of such a change?

·       Where should the Scottish Government prioritise its infrastructure investments?

·       What impacts might the digital revolution have on our economy and key industries?

These are just a small selection of the types of questions that we would be interested in hearing proposals on.